A little “Thank you”

I just want to say ‘Thank you” to a new friend of mine, C, who encouraged me to start my own blog… I believe he has more than one and he’s been blogging for years. I wanted my own blog for a few months now but the task seemed too daunting.. What would I call it? What would I write about? Would anybody care to read it? I was even stressing about whether or not I would be able to decide on a look (i.e. template, font, header etc.) for this potential blog of mine. Luckily the words of an older and wiser friend came to mind.. “don’t sweat the small stuff sweetie!” he’d always say to me (quoting the title of a book he tells me I should definitely read).

Last night while talking to C I decided that I would look at it in terms of something I was going to do for myself. This made it a whole lot less intimidating and this morning when I set out to create this blog it was a piece of cake! It all just fell into place and I was more than pleased with my new blog. So thanks to my friend C and the words of a certain Mr. C, I am now a blogger!

More soon.. Saff x


~ by Dilruha on March 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “A little “Thank you””

  1. Hi Saffron, This is a cool project….nice to see you direct your many a talent and creativity to set up this cute blog of yours. I hope I’ll get to read a trinket of your thoughts once in a while 🙂 Wish you all the success! xox

  2. hey blogger… will be looking forward to some good reading from ya..:)

  3. hi

    nice header. the work on your face methinks is not permanent? welcome to blogland.

  4. You know I *REALLY* like the way this looks… hope there’s more saffron to be added in the kottu that is the Sri Lankan blogosphere.

    Cheers and Welcome


  5. Like I said, It’s just the first post 🙂 you are more than welcome. x

  6. hey… so very encouraging… and after our conversation today, who know’s maybe you’ll have some competition in the blogging world… lol… needless to say, from the little time that i’ve been passing thru, i can relate to everything that you write, your views, ideas, opinions & thought process, its so valuble, relatable & appreciated. keep up the good work!.

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