We live in a world full of opposites…they’re all around us and we tend to use them to differentiate and separate. There is light and dark, hot and cold, wet and dry, love and hate, good and evil, just to name a few.

We accept and understand that darkness is a condition resulting from a lack of light and that darkness only exists as an absence of light. Similarly we understand that the cold is a result of a lack of heat. The cold does not exist on its own, it is only something we experience when there is a lack of heat. We only accept these as facts because we can scientifically measure heat and light. If we couldn’t we might have believed that light and dark were two completely different conditions, that heat and cold were two totally separate things.

The concept of height gives us another angle to consider. Again we can understand the concept of height because it is measurable. The opposite of ‘tall’ is ‘short’ but more so than with light and dark, hot and cold, ‘tall’ and ‘short’ are states, which are relative to the observer and what is being observed. So it is a matter of perception! In any case, my point is, ‘tall’ and ‘short’ are just two observations within one concept – height.

Why do we like to believe that good and evil are oh so separate from each other? Is it because we can’t measure goodness that we don’t accept that evil might just be a condition we perceive where there is a lack of goodness? What if good and evil were not separate entities? Maybe we just always looked at it that way because we were programmed from birth with the notion of there being a ‘Devil’ who is meant to be the complete opposite and most far removed entity from God! Even the words ‘GOOD’ and ‘EVIL’ obviously reminding us of ‘GOD’ and ‘DEVIL’ help us keep in mind how separate and unconnected the two are meant to be.

The truth is, everything must have an opposite to exist and in the case of opposite factors, one cannot exist if not for the other. How would we comprehend one without the other? What is beauty if you couldn’t compare it to something deemed ugly? What is up without down? Opposites are just conditions that lie at the opposite ends of a singular spectrum. Good and evil may not be as far removed from each other as we might think. Maybe just as tall and short are perceptions of height, hot and cold, the varying presence of heat…Good and Evil is what we perceive when we observe the varying degree of the presence of God or Love in a person, place, thought, word or deed.


~ by Dilruha on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “OPPOSITES”

  1. Interesting post!

    I once knew someone who claimed that they didn’t believe in Good and Evil and that everything was in fact a question of perception. I can understand how one might draw this conclusion, but believe me: that is a very dangerous path to go down!

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