The Universe knows best

Last Saturday while shopping with my mom (a regular Saturday morning ritual of ours), I found myself at the electronics section of a large retail store looking to buy a radio for the kitchen. There I met a salesman with a heavy but pleasing American accent who looked quite out of place there. He looked totally Indian, close to 50, but a smart, well kept 50, you could tell he must have been good looking back in the day. I was confused as to what someone like him was doing working as a simple sales rep at a shop. While he packed up our radio, I had a little chat with him and learned that he had lived in America almost all his life and had recently moved to Sri Lanka. He had initially been hired as the head of Customer Services for the whole store until they discovered he couldn’t speak in Sinhalese, so they stuck him in the electronics department as a sales rep until he learned the language! I felt really sorry for the guy cos he was clearly under utilized in that position and he seemed to be a really good salesman and a really nice guy. Oh and much to my disbelief he told me he was totally Srilankan although people mistook him for an Indian all the time.

So later that day I met my ex boyfriend, who is incidentally also my best friend, and I happened to mention this man to him. Dinesh, my ex, who seems to always be looking to hire good people, instantly got it into his head that he wanted to meet him if he was everything I said he was and maybe offer him a job. So we drive to this store…twice in one day was too much for me so I stayed in the car while Dinesh actually found him, spoke to him and set him up for an interview. Dinesh had interviewed this guy yesterday and had found him to be a really genuinely good guy who had fallen on some hard times and was just looking for a new start here in Sri Lanka. He was perfect for the position Dinesh had had in mind and so he was hired! He had been very happy and excited about his new job too so it all worked out great!

Isn’t it just amazing how things happen? I mean as far as he was concerned it was just another day at work, just another radio sold to a random customer… he didn’t expect to meet me, who would in turn tell Dinesh about him, who would come looking for him and offer him a better job which would change his whole life!! I’m sure in his mind he was hoping for a better work opportunity but if he only knew how the Universe worked to bring it to him! To this day he has no idea I had anything to do with any of this. It just goes to show how things can be brought into our lives in the most unexpected of ways. All you have to do is know what you want, ask for it, give it your focus and believe you will receive it, evidently sometimes you don’t even have to take any action towards it (although most times you do)…The Universe can bring it to you in the most magical way! When you want something, don’t get too caught up in how you’re going to get it.. just focus on what you want, leave the ‘how‘s’ to the Universe or God (whatever you want to call It), It knows the quickest, easiest, most harmonious way to get it to you.


~ by Dilruha on March 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Universe knows best”

  1. inspiring!

  2. Good story and good work on the good deed 🙂

  3. Forget the story. Those lips look delicious.

  4. 😉

  5. I agree. On the lips 🙂

  6. I guess I seen that unfortunate fellow. If I’m him, I still would not trade my dignity for a “second chance” and the “better job” and let my whereabouts publish on the internet for public amusement so people can feel themselves superior.

  7. Sam.. you are ridiculous. Being given a second chance if not a trade off of dignity, but a chance to regain the dignity he has lost. and im sure if you were to ask him, being identified as a man with great potential being in an unfortunate position is not smething he needs to hide. if he did, he wouldnt be revealing it to strangers he meets at his shop! this is typical Colombo mentality, rather than looking at the good deed for what it is, the magical culmination of events and timing that allows the universe to do what it does, you look to find fault. The only person trying to feel superior here is you. listen to what Saffron says and go watch ‘The Secret’, you may actually learn something.

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