Bell’s – The Beginning…

I spent most of Saturday sitting out on a Veranda, overlooking a shady garden, at a quint old club near Torrington Square with two extremely interesting guys who kept me totally enthralled while I sipped on my drink and kept dabbing my eye which teared incessantly. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I didn’t think much of it when a little water spilled out of my mouth as I took big gulps earlier on in the day either. I realised by evening that I wasn’t totally ok but i thought I’d just take a couple of Panadols or a Piriton and sleep it off.

I suddenly woke up at 5.00 a.m. on Sunday morning and realised something was wrong with my face… I went up to a mirror and was shocked to find out that the left side of my face was completely non responsive… totally paralyzed! I have to admit I was freaked out. I even called and woke a friend at that time to share my distress. I didn’t want to wake my mother who would surely have rushed me to hospital then and there. I went back to bed with a faint idea of what this might be. I figured I’d wait till morning instead of waking my whole household up at that time.

Come morning after a bit of my mom’s hysterics I was taken to hospital where I was diagnosed, just as I expected, with Bell’s Palsy! I had heard of this condition a couple of times once from someone who had had it and from another person who’s wife had had it.

Bell’s Palsy is a paralysis of the facial nerve resulting in inability to control facial muscles in the affected side, in my case, the entire left side of my face. Therefore my left eye does not blink (which is why it was tearing the whole of Saturday), I can’t move the left side of my forehead and lips nor my left cheek and the left side of my tongue is numb too (although I can move it). This means I can only partially close my left eye if I tightly close my right, only the features on the right give expression to my face when I talk, smile or laugh (which makes me look quite funny) and its hard to drink liquids without having it spill out the left side of my mouth. Eating isn’t quite as enjoyable either with my partially numb tongue.

I also had a tingly feeling in my left arm and leg which was further cause for concern cos it had nothing to do with Bell’s Palsy and meant there might be something wrong with my spine or brain. I was asked to stay in hospital for a few days and get a few tests done including MRI scans while I was given lots of pills to take (13 in one go once everyday and more from time to time throughout the day) and physiotherapy twice a day to make sure my facial muscles don’t harden or collapse.

I’ve been told it’ll take around 3 weeks to recover and in the meantime I’m doing fine so no worries! 🙂 I was in hospital for the last 3 days, just got home this morning and am tired so I shall continue this story a little later.



~ by Dilruha on March 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “Bell’s – The Beginning…”

  1. Sorry to hear that. Do hope its better soon.

    On a lighter note, you think you’ll win the audition for Two-Face in the next Batman movie? 🙂

  2. Im sorry to hear this.. My mum got it too a couple of months back.. said it was due to diabetes… and she had to go for physiotherapy and do lots of excercises.. She had the same thing and it freaked me out…

    Dont worry.. you’ll be fine.. follow everything the docs ask you to do… and take care *hugz*

  3. Holy!

    Well if it can be cured, it must’ve been one hell of an experience.

  4. whoa. i was quite freaked out for you till you said 3 weeks recovery time! feel better!

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery.. back to normal!! Like LD says.. just do what the Doc tell yeah.. you’ll be fine.. 😀

  6. thanks everybody.. appreciate the concern and good wishes! x x

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