Beam me OUTTA HERE Scotty!!!


No, I’m not a trekky but you’ll see what I mean when you finish reading this. I’ve had quite a few new experiences and realisations these past few days… some intense and others, small and silly yet interesting.

Some of the small ones include things like drinking tea through a straw or riding in an Ambulance for the first time! πŸ˜€ However, one of the most intense experiences I had to go through (other than dealing with a partially paralyzed face) was the MRI scans! Man if you have done one you’ll know what I mean. It took every bit of self control and will power I had to go through those 2 scans back to back, each roughly 30 minutes long, inside that horrible machine, with just a two minute break in between!! I remember not being able to move a muscle, feeling totally trapped and claustrophobic, being subjected to loud trance like beats and having my face just two inches or so from the top of the tubular structure I was inside of. During the first minute inside, my mind was saying “NO WAY, I can’t do this… I need to be taken out, I need to be taken out of this thing NOW! I need to move my head! My neck is hurting already how can I stay like this for half an hour?!!? There’s NO WAY!!”. Then… I suddenly decided to calm down and make a challenge out of it… I’m very stubborn and competitive in some ways and I like to prove my strength… probably an ego thing too I guess – I didn’t want the doc to think I was a total wuss! Anyway, so I closed my eyes, took deep breaths (which really helps to calm you down), started imagining happy scenarios and actually found myself almost dozing off. At the end of the two scans I was very proud of myself and the doc was quite shocked that I was so “co-operative” as he put it… lol! I was later told that most people need to be sedated before going in for an MRI cos they can’t handle it… I really hope you don’t ever have to go through one!

More later.. x x


~ by Dilruha on March 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Beam me OUTTA HERE Scotty!!!”

  1. yeah those things are intimidating. the one time i had to take one i promptly fell asleep inside it and had to be woken up by the doctor. i was a tad embarassed to say the least πŸ™‚

    the coolest MRI machine i’ve seen was in this holistic hospital and the walls and ceiling of the room had scenery painted on it to lessen the claustrophobia. it was really cool.

  2. So sorry to hear that. Any improvements after medication?

  3. sorry about your experiences… hope u get better soon..

  4. thanks for the comments… no major progress yet but its still too early. x

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