Bell’s – The Lesson

Life is definitely what you make of it and everything depends on how you look at it. I have no resentment towards this condition at all, I can’t even think of asking “why me?” in fact I keep thinking “better me than someone fragile, vain or immature, who would gain nothing from this experience except sadness, panic and self pity”. I know I sound self-righteous but you must try and excuse me. When I look at my situation all I see is the good.

Friday night, the day before I got this, I was out with two of my girlfriends and one of them, while trying to explain some other point, went on to use my face as an example. She said people knew me for my face and that when people thought of me they instinctively associated me with the fact that I had a pretty face. Ironically, she even went on to say that if something happened to my face it would make a big impact and everyone would notice it and talk about it cos that’s what they associated me with the most. Even at the time I found this comical and so sad, thank God I didn’t agree with such a notion, if I considered my face to be my biggest asset I’d be a vain fool wouldn’t I! Looks are so flimsy, fickle and fleeting. I realised there’s a whole lot more to me than my face a long time ago. It’s sad when people are so overly concerned with their physical appearance, it leads to a lot of dissatisfaction and bitterness, sometimes without their knowledge.

The fact that my face was partially paralyzed the next day was not just ironic, it was almost poetic to me. It gave me the opportunity to explore my own beliefs. Everyone expected me to be distraught and maybe even embarrassed but I felt more at peace than ever. I took it for what it was to me… a new experience, which gave me the chance to grow and apply what I have learned and come to believe. What is the point of me learning and advocating certain teachings of the Universe if I can’t live by them and apply them in my daily life and more so in a tough situation. Its like knowing a mathematical formula by heart and not being able to use it to solve a problem!

I wanted to see for myself if I truly believed what I’ve learned, if I could live by my beliefs in the midst of a challenge, if I could turn anything into a positive and handle it well, draw strength and grow from it. I think I have…


~ by Dilruha on March 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bell’s – The Lesson”

  1. Wish you a speedy recovery 🙂

  2. thats a really mature and commendable take on things.
    Ditto on the wishes for a speedy recovery

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