A little fantasy never killed anybody!


I’ve been watching a lot of Sex and the City these days… I got a dvd with the complete first season on it and until now I didn’t realise how little of the first season I had actually seen. I’m loving the first season cos Mr. Big is in almost ever episode! If you must know one silly, inconsequential fact about me, let it be that Mr. Big is the FIRST and ONLY crush I have ever had on an actor/singer/character from a tv series etc. I’m still not sure if it’s “Mr. Big” or Chris Noth that I love… I mean when I think about it, Mr. Big, as suave and gorgeous as he is, is still a jerk most of the time in the show but then again I know nothing about Chris Noth as a person so I can’t say that it’s him I like either.. I just know I would probably melt like a stick of butter on a hot griddle if I actually saw him in person and he said “abso-fucking-lutely” to me with that smirky smile on his face! Just imagine walking down a street in New York and a black town car pulls up beside you, the back window roles down, it’s Big(!!!) and he just smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh god.. I really can’t believe how smitten I am with this man. Its crazy how I have this kind of crush at this age.. I mean it should have been Tom Cruise when I was 13 or something but nope.. it had to be Mr. Big in my mid 20’s!!! 😀 lol!

Why do we all go through this kind of crush on some unknown, unattainable, larger than life personality sometime or another in our lives? Is it because it’s safe and easy to love them from afar with no reservations and no risk of them hurting or rejecting you? It’s great to love someone so freely like that. Sometimes all you want to do is just love someone and not have to worry about the “game” and all the angles, speculations, fears and issues that come with real life relationships. A little one sided fantasy love can be like Chicken soup for the soul! As long as it’s a positive, light hearted exercise, it’s really the same as visualizing what you want to attract into your life with emotion and focus so you might even end up creating a reality that is a lot like your fantasy… how cool is that?! I say enjoy it! Its harmless enough and trust me you’re not alone… everyone’s probably secretly adored someone and relished the fantasy relationship in their minds, there’s no shame in it! 🙂

Here’s to a little fantasy love! Cheers! x


~ by Dilruha on March 15, 2008.

One Response to “A little fantasy never killed anybody!”

  1. take up a challenge. what’s the bet you can’t get laid by him !

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