God of Abundance – I

I’ve never had to want for much so it may be easy for me to speak of abundance from the point of view that I go on to but I believe I continue to experience abundance because I’ve always felt abundant, been grateful and never felt unworthy (I’m sure good karma, carried forth from prior lives, has some part in it as well!). I believe abundance was meant for all and not for a few. However, I also believe it is up to each person to figure out, in as many lifetimes as it may take, how to create and experience an abundant life. In fact, it is probably the eventual realisation of your abundant spiritual nature that is most important and which goes on to create an abundant life. Abundance is not about having money or material things, it’s a much larger concept. Material abundance is merely a side effect of being an abundant spirit (which is indeed what you are, if you believe you’re made in the ‘image’ of God).

To me, God is the epitome of abundance, you need only look toward nature or up at the stars to realise how infinite and abundant God and His creation is. It’s all so vast but it works together so perfectly, each aspect sustaining, enriching and giving more life to the other.

I believe everything that exists is a part of a larger entity i.e. the Universe (God), and that every little experience adds to the experience of the whole. I believe the Universe has certain qualities and that all aspects of the Universe have the same characteristics in some measure, if not fully. If you believe that God is a Creative Force which is ever expanding and infinite, eternally wanting to express Himself in new forms and experience new things, it would be easy to understand why all living things seem to have similar compulsions. We are creators in our own right, we strive to create our own reality, reproduce and give life, experience more, learn more, do more, be more… We have the same expansive nature. Abundance is natural and is a part of who and what we are.

Abundance can be mistaken for excess or waste but it is merely the opposite of scarcity. We have been programmed, in this world that we take in through our limited 5 senses, to believe in scarcity and lack. As human beings we are limited and we see scarcity but when we realise our true nature as infinite spirits in a human experience we understand abundance and come to experience it in our earthly lives.

These are my thoughts right now, more later… x


~ by Dilruha on March 17, 2008.

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