The death of Easter


Easter, the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ has ironically died a natural death in my life. A once fun filled, meaningful day has now become a totally dead day for me.

It’s Easter Sunday and for the life of me I don’t know why but I don’t feel the least bit festive. I remember when we were kids Easter was an exciting day. I would wake up bright and early so I could hunt for the chocolate easter eggs my mom would hide all around the garden, then we’d all go to church very happy in our inevitably pastel outfits, followed by Sunday brunch somewhere nice with the whole family… lots of Christianity, lots of laughs and lots of chocolate!! It has become less and less festive as we got older, now its more of an obligatory holiday that we have to celebrate as normal Catholics (one of which I am so NOT!). No more Easter eggs, hardly any family stuff, we just go to church and maybe lunch. In fact last year I ditched my folks and went to a friend’s place for lunch cos I knew they’d have a more family oriented, fun lunch at theirs… ended up getting smashed on white wine, driving to Bolgoda after lunch and going fishing in the rain! This year seems pretty hopeless.. no plans for lunch yet, going to church in a bit, the spirit of Easter has definitely not hit me. Maybe it’s the illness, no improvement yet by the way. Never mind me, Happy Easter to you all with much love… x

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~ by Dilruha on March 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “The death of Easter”

  1. Cher up — it is really the most pivotal celebration day of the year — that God invaded our reality — that is BIG!

    I am still amazed that there are a number of people who would argue that Jesus did not have to have a bodily resurrection or some even argue that Jesus’ death alone was enough, but we agree with Paul when he tells us that anything short of a bodily resurrection ignores the victory of God.

    God does not want to just rescue people from this material world — God wants to restore all things. God CHOSE to send His son to die on the cross for OUR sins.

    Jesus’ resurrection reminds us of three things

    God has defeated death.
    God has defeated evil.
    God has begun His redemptive work.

  2. […] Easter everyone.. Oh and atleast I know I’m not the only grownup missing Chocolate […]

  3. Glad to see I’m not alone.

  4. cheer up cherub…and happy easter to u too

  5. When we are kids, we are kids. Innocent. Everything is new and we don’t question everything. We accept it. But on the road to adulthood our outlook changes: we wonder what it’s all about anyway.

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