“Time to Say Goodbye”

‘Time to say goodbye’ or ‘Con te partiro’ (With you I will leave), is to me, one of the most beautiful and powerful songs I have ever heard. One of my all time favourites, by one of my favourite singers, Andrea Bocelli and the great Soprano, Sarah Brightman. It truly moves me, I get goose bumps listening to it.

The other night I was taken on an absolutely thrilling drive with this song playing loud and it was just surreal…there was hardly anything on the road, the car was flying, the road was smooth, the sound so clear, every corner seemed to be timed beautifully with the song and for a few minutes the music, the car and my heart seemed to be in tune with each other…everything else ceased to exist… the feeling was fabulous! I could have died happy right then, during that drive…wow!

Listen to the song and see what you think… I chose the video of a live performance instead of the music video of the song. I hope you enjoy it… xx


~ by Dilruha on March 30, 2008.

One Response to ““Time to Say Goodbye””

  1. Hi…

    Nice to find someone on the blogosphere who likes Andrea Bocelli. I’m a hardcore fan and have quite alot of his music. He has an amazing voice.


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