Divine Intuition

I’ve been thinking a lot about how when faced with the many decisions we have to make in life, ‘Intuition‘ can be so very helpful, if we know how to tap into it and listen! It always gives you the right choice, the best answer, the ideal solution… it’s that sense of knowing from inside minus the reasoning, the gut feeling, the sixth sense etc.

Intuition is meant to originate in the subconscious where the ‘ego’ has no bearing on the suggestions or solutions it provides. The subconscious draws upon an almost infinite wealth of information from all your past experiences and memories, most of which you have no idea you have. It is also believed that your subconscious is connected to a higher consciousness which then makes it truly infinite and what comes from it as ‘Intuition‘ could in some cases be what you would call ‘Divine Inspiration‘.

Think of it like this.. your conscious mind is like your internet browser with its few tabs or windows that you choose to have open on your screen. You are aware of what is on your screen and you are consciously working with it. Random thoughts could be thought of as those annoying ‘pop ups‘ which you either take an interest in or most often discard or close. I would say your subconscious is somewhat like ‘Google’, which is a huge data base/search engine which can sift through millions of resources to give you the most appropriate response to any question or specific information on any topic. The higher consciousness would of course be compared to the Internet itself which is collective knowledge, absolutely infinite and all knowing!

They say the best way of tapping into this powerful ally, that is your subconscious, is to ask yourself precise questions when your conscious mind is relatively clear and relaxed… when you’re tired and about to go to sleep is meant to be a good time to try this or if you take some time out to relax your mind and body (meditate, lay in your favourite chair etc.) that would be a good time too. The answer, they say, ‘will just come to you’ but it can do so in many ways.. it could come to you in a dream, or as soon as you wake up, as an idea that pops into your head during the day when you least expect it or even as a nagging feeling when you are consciously considering other options.

I know for a fact that this works.. I always use this method of asking myself where it is when I’ve misplaced something… its resting place inevitably pops up into my head as a picture or a thought and I’m always pleasantly surprised to find it there! I often refuse to listen to that nagging voice that tells me its a bad idea to date that guy and then I always learn the hard way that I should’ve just bloody listened in’iiit!!!

Intuition, wisdom from within… we all hear it, now if we’d only listen!


~ by Dilruha on April 2, 2008.

One Response to “Divine Intuition”

  1. Pop ups and the world wide web? Holy shit. I have to get me a personal firewall!

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