Not Enough to Go Around!

Looks like everyone’s heading down to ‘Hikks’ for the weekend. I hear Mambo’s is meant to be happening tomorrow night… why am I not surprised?! It used to be that Hikkaduwa was where you’d go to get away from Colombo and find something different… but now the whole of Colombo, including the usual socialite party crew, who never seem to grow up… erm, I mean, grow old… migrate south as if for the bloody winter, every holiday that comes along! So really it’s just like being in Colombo and going to D’s or Tramps except in shorts and bikinis! I wouldn’t be surprised if people started laying claim to their very own tables at various clubs in Hikkaduwa soon. In fact, I bet you, our favourite King of Clubs has his own table at Mambo’s or whatever. Yup, just the ticket for anyone looking for something totally different, something far removed from the city and its regulars! sigh….

For once I wish I could go down south with my friends without having a thousand known faces shoved down my throat.. can’t we for once meet some interesting new people??! When did that become too much to ask for when in a new town???!!

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s our own doing, if we want to get away from it all, we should pick a different place to go to… But that’s just it! I’m not trying to get away from it all.. just the same old people, that’s all!!

As much as my friends enjoy their own company for hours on end, after a few bottles and spliffs, they feel the need to go in search of their natural habitat… so, being in the middle of NOWHERE, when a bunch of really drunk guys want to drive to the nearest club, is not a good idea! Solution… Hikkaduwa!! It’s properly OUT of Colombo, you can hangout with your own crew in your rooms or take over the shitty little guest house you’re all staying in and when you’re sick of that, there’s a party just a few doors down! Perfect.. but not quite. The only hitch for me is, as I barely mentioned before, the people!!! I keep hoping to see new and exciting people I’ve never seen before but for fuck sake its everyone we know and their cousins!!!

I’m sure everyone feels the same way.. well not everyone but you what I mean? I’m sure some people see us there and go “oh god it’s _____ and them” or wait… do they? Am I the only one who feels this way?

If I am the only one who feels this way, well what can I say… living in this country for so long makes you feel like there just isn’t enough people to go around! If you know what I mean…


~ by Dilruha on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Not Enough to Go Around!”

  1. if u want to party in sri lanka, u cant help but meeting the same ppl. it’s unfortunate. meeting new and interesting ppl is hard. try barefoot on a sunday afternoon. thats nice.
    if not, u need to be creative to have a good time. maybe we should organise a bloggers get together, to meet and greet and widen our circles. but that’s been done in the past right?

  2. interesting conundrum, if you need to escape – I live in san diego, also known as paradise but without the same ol lankans 🙂
    my couch has your name on it x

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