Cotton Candy

Will Cotton is a fascinating American Painter who’s work I find delicious! I swear these ‘surreal candy landscapes’ are what my dreams are made of… enjoy!

These are all Oil paintings, can you believe it? They look like really elaborate photo shoots to me! You can see more of his work at –


~ by Dilruha on April 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “Cotton Candy”

  1. The only thing I hate abt eating cotton candy is the stuff getting on your hands and making them sticky. Imagine lying around in it.. Geez..

    Plus was going to bug you abt posting erotic material till I read they were oil paintings.. still I think they qualify too.

  2. Wait, am I not allowed to post erotic material on my own blog if I wanted to?

  3. NO such thing. Blogger has a warning for adult content. Its ages since I went into a wordpress dashboard, I have no idea about wordpress policies.

    Erotic, Oil paintings or whatever they are, they sure are gorgeous

  4. nice

  5. omg, all those paintings look edible. hmmm… wonder if the curators ever had a slip and tried to taste. very interesting.

  6. O.O

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