‘Tintagel’ the Bandaranaike family home on Rosmead Place turned boutique hotel by Shanth Fernando (the owner and creator of the Paradise Road chain), is the absolute epitome of luxury, good taste and style. The formidable exterior gives way to beautifully designed interiors which transport you to another world. You could easily forget you were in Colombo once inside. The attention to detail is almost incomprehensible. Shanth is truly one of my idols as he is a man of vision who takes an idea and makes it real down to the very last detail and will not be satisfied until everything is perfect. He creates beauty for others to enjoy and he loves his work which is obviously why he is so successful. The hotel has 10 rooms (if I’m not mistaken) in different colour combinations like ‘ebony & ivory’, ‘chocolate & avocado’ etc. all decorated in signature Paradise Road style. Stripes are a reoccurring theme throughout the hotel which is an elegant mix of contemporary and classical design.

The food is impeccable, you can dine indoors at its chic little restaurant or alfresco in the gorgeous courtyard furnished with wicker chairs and garden umbrellas. They don’t have a liquor license so you have to take your own alcohol and pay corkage. You’ll also find an intimate, dimly lit bar with red walls and black leather chairs (just made for secret little rendezvous) , a long lap pool with a focal point of six naked sculptures at the far end of it, a lovely private function room with a sitting area and long dinning table, a cosy little library with leather bound books, magazines & internet.. and of course a plush lounge with a black grand piano and beautiful furniture as you enter.

Tintagel is a statement of perfection in a city which is anything but perfect. It is my dream to create such beauty someday. I hope you get a chance to see the place… x


~ by Dilruha on April 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Tintagel”

  1. I did’nt like it. I found it a bit overdone, lacking any character or soul. The interior could have been from anywhere.

    The courtyard seems too crowded, too many tables too little space.

    The loss of the lawn in the front and the back, is also a pity. The exterior of the building is nice but the rest is a disappointment.

  2. Most new places tend to lack ‘soul’ I believe that comes with time and history and people…

  3. I really liked Tintagel and was impressed with the interior. Reading your post made me visit the place. The food was really good too. I Did not get to see the rooms though :(.. was slightly scared of the pool (dark Pools give me the creeps)

  4. Unfortunately like with everything else Shanth Fernando does, Tintagel is also a copy. If you have a look at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan http://www.bulgarihotels.com, you will find that Shath has replicated the design of that hotel to its smallest details, from furniture, colours, decor and even the plants.

    The man is creative no doubt, and did bring a sense of style to Colombo with his Paradise road shops. But what people in Colombo don’t realize is that most of what he has in his shops is merely products he has seen overseas (Thailand, Italy, etc) and he gets replicated over here. The rest is imported in. He doesn’t really create anything unique of his own. For the average Joe in Colombo it seems fascinating, but when you have traveled the world and seen this sort of products scattered in bulk in various shops, its then that you realize where Shanth gets his “creativity” from.

    There are very few designers in Sri Lanka that truly “create” their own style, many simply copy what others have done because its safe. Good example is the late Mr Bawa, whose style has been hacked to death by would be designers and architects who simply cant veer away from replicating the Geoffrey Bawa style.

    To respond to your last line Saffron, i truly hope you look beyond creating this kind of beauty and express your self with your own unique style. After all it was this unique expression in style that made Geoffrey Bawa who he was.

  5. Thanks for your comment Mike but in all fairness to Shanth… he does not claim to be a designer… just a good business man with great taste!

  6. To quote the homepage of the website for Tintagel http://www.tintagelcolombo.com : “Tintagel has been beautifully restored by Shanth Fernando, the proprietor and designer, providing a special option for the Colombo visitor.”

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