“Synchrodestiny, to see the connective patterns of the universe, to make miracles out of our desires..”

“This is a state I call synchrodestiny, in which it becomes possible to achieve the spontaneous fulfillment of our every desire.”

Last night before I fell asleep a certain ex boyfriend came to mind. He had moved away on work to China over six months ago and I hadn’t heard from him since. He and I had an incredibly intense relationship back in 2001 which lasted about a year and have always felt that we were soul mates and had a strangely deep connection to each other. I had tried to find an email address or phone number for him but didn’t get very far. As it happens, I believe very clearly that we are all spiritually connected to each other and to God or the Universe. I also remembered that he was quite spiritually in tune with the Universe. Sad that I had no way of talking to him at the time, I decided to send him a message just by thought and hope he’d get it or at least feel something. I thought “Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing I just want you to know I’m thinking of you and I miss you”. I ended up having a vivid dream about him and when I woke up I was determined to find a way of getting in touch.

I figured I’d surely find his sister on facebook and I could ask her for his number in China (something that hadn’t occurred to me before) . That was the first thing I did this morning. Then overwhelmed with nostalgia I found old pictures of us and even scanned and added one on to a facebook album of mine.

After lunch I was back on my computer occasionally checking out the photograph of him that I had added whilst chatting to my friends on msn. Then the phone rang and the annoying voice recording which usually goes “Number available” was now saying “Call from out of area” so I picked up and I could hardly believe my ears when IT WAS HIM! I was literally shocked out of my mind.

I hardly even said hello to him cos I first needed to know if this was, as some would call it, a coincidence or if he was calling cos his sister had told him that I was trying to get in touch with him. So my first words to him were something like.. “did your sister tell you?” to which he replied quite confused, “tell me what?”… He insisted that he hadn’t heard anything from his sister and that he was just calling cos he thought of me and was meaning to call me for a while now. I was truly blown away in a way that I have never been blown away before. If I was the emotional type I swear I would have cried. It was almost too much to digest that such a twist of fate was even possible. Many crazy and magical things happen regularly in my life but I must say this was one of the most shocking cos it all happened in less than a day!

I told him my story and he didn’t seem overly shocked (or maybe he didn’t quite believe me) cos all he had to say was “yes well we’ve always had this kind of connection haven’t we?”. We exchanged mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses and had a short but touching conversation. When I got off the phone I was shaking, he had always had a very strong effect on me and that coupled with the given circumstances, I was, like I said before, blown away!

Seriously, think about it, what are the odds of something like this happening? I hadn’t heard a word from him in over 6 months and he calls TODAY?? Today out of nowhere, after everything that I had done with him in mind… what are the odds I ask you?! The odds are mind blowing… that’s all I can say!

Once you understand the way life really works—the flow of energy, information, and intelligence that directs every moment—then you begin to see the amazing potential in that moment… You also begin to encounter more and more coincidences in your life.” – Deepak Chopra


~ by Dilruha on April 25, 2008.

One Response to “SynchroDestiny”

  1. The human mind is capable of really sending telepathic messages. I for one really believe that. Maojority of us dont use our extra powers that much (like me) cause we are plain lazy. (oops sounding like a yoga guru now)

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