The Hopeful Romantic…

Sunday morning and I decided I’d start my day off with a dose of romance, so I headed down to my tv room with my cup of tea to watch Pretty Woman. I don’t believe I’d ever tire of this movie, its so easy to watch, I love the story & sound track and Richard Gere is just dreamy…

I was enjoying the movie until I noticed that as the movie got more and more romantic I got proportionately sadder (not my usual reaction to a romantic movie). I finally realised what was bothering me. You see, unlike most people I never dreamed of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a musician or anything else for that matter. I always felt like I already was a lot of things, I had many talents, many interests.. and I didn’t want to be any one thing in particular.. I didn’t want to be defined that way. I just wanted to be ME and enjoy that unless and until I felt like I wanted to be something more. However, I did have a ‘Dream’… My life’s dream was to have an amazing, lifelong love story of epic proportions. Not an unusual dream for any girl I guess but that was all I really wanted.

So here I am watching this romantic story of Vivian, the beautiful, good hearted hooker who is living her dream of being rescued by her white knight who she ‘rescues right back’ and I become increasingly aware of the fact that I haven’t seemed to have found mine. I mean sure I’ve had my share of romance in my short little life (I could tell you a few stories that would blow you away), I’ve had amazing people love me very much and there have been people I have loved very much but I still ain’t living my ‘amazing, lifelong love story of epic proportions’!! It made me sad but then again it made me wonder…

This is not an unattainable dream, people all over the world, some in spite of great disadvantages, live out much larger dreams! I realised that not only am I the only one who can make my dream a reality but also the only one who can prevent it from happening. I’m obviously doing something wrong somewhere… I’m just glad I remembered that this was in fact what I’ve always wanted. My love life is in limbo and I’ve let it be in that state for far too long. Now that I’m aware of what I want I can start to change things, I can focus on what I do want and not wallow in a state of almost unconscious depression about what I don’t have. I can examine my thoughts and beliefs and find out which ones act as a hindrance to my dream. I’m excited… I’m determined to live my little dream of having that “amazing, lifelong love story of epic proportions’‘, amongst other dreams of course! I hope you wish me luck as I wish you luck with your dreams, whatever they are!



~ by Dilruha on May 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Hopeful Romantic…”

  1. Well said. “…I am the only one who can make my dream a reality but also the only one who can prevent it from happening”.

  2. You’ll find that lots of people, including the doctors and lawyers, are quite multi-faceted with many other interests. This is going to sound extremely rude, but not everyone has the luxury of not having to work ‘cos they get wads of cash from their parents. Career choices involve both what people love and a means of making money. You’re priviledged enough to never know what it’s like to need money, and hence don’t need to ‘be any one thing in particular’. Having said that, good luck on your quest.

  3. I’m sorry that you seem to have misinterpreted and twisted what I’ve said. I’m quite certain doctors and lawyers can be ‘multi-faceted with many other interests’ cos I’m friends with many but that has no relevance in respect to what I have said in my post. All I said was that I never personally dreamed of becoming any one thing in particular when I was a child.. it had nothing to do with wealth or the need to make money or not. Children don’t dream of becoming doctors and lawyers cos they think they need to make money do they? I was talking about childhood dreams. The fact that you read something so innocent and saw it in such an awful light only reflects on your jaded, bitter personality or perhaps a personal problem you have with me.. so kindly either leave relevant comments or don’t visit my blog!

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