A Private Hotel…

So I headed down South to Galle last weekend for 3 days of r&r away from my house and family (as much as I love them, I need to get away from ’em now and then for the sake of my sanity). I chose to stay in a small hotel inside the Fort which I had briefly toured on a prior visit and just loved.

Life in Galle seems to move at an unusually slow pace, the people are so untainted and likable. Their lifestyle so simple you can’t help but wonder why your life couldn’t be more like theirs. However tourism is down and these people, who’s livelihoods depend upon it, are definitely struggling although they don’t let it show on their faces.

The staff at the Fort Printers were extremely hospitable and genuinely friendly. We were the only guests for the weekend so I felt like the whole house was mine which made for a great little fantasy weekend in my own head! The 5 bedroom house is beautiful with its saffron cement floors, tasteful furniture and colourful raw silk curtains and cushions everywhere. It was totally my style which made it easy for me to make believe this was my house! 🙂 I didn’t realise that my little fantasy was about to turn into a pretty authentic experience until I woke up after my afternoon nap the first day there.

I was looking to order a nice cup of tea to have by the pool when I couldn’t find a soul anywhere in the house. The place was completely empty!!! I was somewhere between bewildered and annoyed when I finally found a security guard. Upon asking him where everyone was I was given a very flippant reply… “Oh the staff is off for the day madam” to which I answered with a great big “WHAT???”. The spoiled brat in me was appalled! Because we had mentioned we would not be in for dinner the staff decided they were no longer needed, this was supposedly the norm at this hotel. I still could not believe it. Then in a moment of clarity devoid of emotion, I realised I could look at this situation in two ways. One which would cause me stress and the other which would set me free. I could be all annoyed about how crazy it was to be paying to stay in a boutique hotel with no staff/service in the evenings or I could look on the bright side and relish the privacy and the experience of having this whole gorgeous house to myself just like I fantasized. I decided on the latter, after all I was not going to let anything ruin my few days of peace and quiet. When I really thought about it, I had everything I needed in my room, there were cute cafes all around me if I wanted a cup of tea or something to eat, I could even swim in the nude if I so wished to and I could sprawl out on the couch in front of the tv in the hall and absolutely no one would disturb me. What did I really need staff for anyway?

I ended up truly appreciating the whole experience. I had fun with it. Coming back after our nights out really felt like coming back home. While the staff was around in the day time they were outstanding, they’d see to my every need, I’d wake up to have tea served in my room, a great breakfast with fresh fruit and home baked specialty breads and everything that went with it awaited me whenever I was ready. Rooms were always impeccably cleaned and scented with burning oils, nothing more I could ask for really.

The Galle Fort is a beautiful place even as it is and I see so much more potential if tourism was good. So many little boutique hotels, cafes and shops to be found along narrow streets with Dutch names. The ramparts, the lighthouse… its like being in another country. As for the Hotel of my choice I’m sure the pictures speak for themselves… just as it said on the sign at the door, The Fort Printers is definitely “A Private Hotel”!!! 🙂


~ by Dilruha on May 21, 2008.

12 Responses to “A Private Hotel…”

  1. Wow.. that seems like a piece of heaven. Any contact no’s?

  2. Hi there

    I do wish someone in Sri Lanka Tourism would read your post. We have so much more to offer in SL than the silly Ayurveda and other similar silly stuff they work on.

    What you write here is just what a person from the West would completely fall in love with.

    And as always you do write in a very engaging manner.

    Keep posting and enjoying the sunshine!


  3. Thanks Dhammika, I appreciate your comment! Hope all is well with you in London. 🙂

    Chaarmax, here’s the website: http://www.thefortprinters.com/
    trust you will find contact info there.

  4. Just curious, what kind of rates do they charge? A couple of hundred dollars a night?

  5. Does look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. fort printers is a beautiful lil place. i love the junction where it’s at too…u get the hotel, barefoot and then the cornershop all just there!

    galle fort is beautiful…but it used to be far more splendid when it was maintained.

  7. It looks beautiful!

    On a complete and utter side note (and me being dense) – how do you get your pictures like that? Like a collage?

  8. I put the pictures together on Photoshop to make it one image and upload it as a single jpeg. xx 🙂

  9. Thank you! 🙂

  10. On a complete and utter sidenote – I tagged you (sorry). If only to get to see some more cool pictures!

  11. Looks absolutely lovely…do they offer local rates? Couldn’t find anything on the website…

  12. The rates found on the website are the usual rates, there are no special rates for locals (only high and low season rates) but you can always call them up and ask if they can give you a special rate. They don’t seem to have a lot of business so they may give you a deal. There are many such beautiful hotels you can check out, go to: http://www.srilankainstyle.com

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