Try Being Hypnotized!

Hypnosis is a fascinating subject, one that I have always been skeptical of probably because I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting a hypnotist and experiencing the effects for myself. A few articles I’ve been reading about the mind’s susceptibility to suggestion and how you could even use techniques like hypnosis to stop smoking, control eating habits (and so many other behaviors and compulsions) led me to this cool video on YouTube. I figured if hypnosis really worked it should work online too, I mean, someone capable should be able to hypnotize you through online interaction right? I was laughing to myself in disbelief when this video managed to bloody hypnotize me!!! I still cannot believe I couldn’t pull my hands apart no matter how hard I tried! Amazing!!! If you can be hypnotized this is something you should be pleased about because it means you are creative and you can actually go on to use these techniques to enhance different areas of your life. I hope you watch the video, enjoy it and open your mind to the possibilities, if nothing else, its just a bit of fun! xx


~ by Dilruha on May 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Try Being Hypnotized!”

  1. Cute! (and very interesting…) I’m a certified hypnotist and your name is the same as My favorite subject’s! lol! Hypnosis is very interesting, I have a dozen or more books on it. If you have any interest in being hypnotized or would like to discuss it (hypnosis or being hypnotized…), email or message Me.

  2. It was so relaxing!!! my back was hurting so bad now im soo realaxed im watch this video everyday!!!


  3. I’m not really sure if it worked :/

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