Here’s to Good Guys!

I wanted to write a little note to all the men out there who are good to women. You are so rare and so very admirable. I’ve come across as many good guys as I have “players” and I just want to say that you good guys are the winners at the end of the day. It’s sad that some men make it their life’s work to manipulate and use women and never grow out of it. It is clear that their dysfunctional ways stem from a deeper sense of inadequacy and it’s sad that they end up hurting many unsuspecting women in the process. As they say “Hurt people, hurt people!”.

It takes a very empty, unfulfilled, shallow and almost villainous person to use and abuse a woman’s love and trust, manipulate them emotionally, degrade them sexually and tear them down psychologically to a point where they no longer know what is being done to them. It takes enormous strength and courage (defining qualities of a man) to be the kind of man who can be honest, treat a woman with respect, protect the woman he loves, recognize that a woman can be his greatest ally and best friend (not just a beautiful, almost foreign object used for sex), revere the mother of his children and treat his marriage as sacred.

The whole “sexy bad guy” thing is so overrated ladies… I know this for a fact. You come away from such people completely empty handed, feeling like a fool for wasting your time. What makes a man sexy is that he is strong and in control, what makes a man a good partner is his ability to show respect and share. What makes a man a good husband is his loyalty and sincerity and finally, a good father is a man who takes it upon himself to be unselfish enough to intentionally live as a role model to his kids, someone they would be proud of and learn from, someone who loves and respects their mother. Isn’t this the kind of guy women should be looking for? Isn’t this the kind of guy we should find attractive? I know there are many good guys out there who don’t feel like they’re very lucky with women but trust me that will change. Realise your true worth and you will exude confidence… women will flock! Know that what you have to offer is far superior to a bit of fun.

To all you good men out there who’ve been brought up right, who live by your values, morals and standards, who care more about honour than pleasure, who are decent and mature … you are the heroes of this world and I hope you find good women who treat you right. Thank you for being good brothers, good sons, good friends, good boyfriends, good husbands and good fathers. You will always be respected and loved. A special thank you to the good guys in my life, my brother, my friends and the best man I know, who stands by me always… πŸ™‚


~ by Dilruha on June 10, 2008.

19 Responses to “Here’s to Good Guys!”

  1. That’s a GREAT post!!!!

  2. Really Good one…….

  3. There’s no such thing as a good guy. It’s kind of like hoping for a woman that is not manipulative.

  4. dil
    I completely agree with you.
    “Every woman is potentially a mother, so to treat them the same way you treat yours is a given”
    At the same time I do believe that it works both ways. A woman can make or break a man and sometimes destroy them completely. And woman most times can be much much more craftier and deceitful than a man.

  5. *applause*

  6. Rastafariiiiiiiiiiiiii, thanx for making me wanna be a better man

  7. ‘You are so rare and so very admirable. I’ve come across as many good guys as I have β€œplayers”.’ Aren’t you contradicting yourself there?

  8. VJ, in general (as any girl out there would tell you), good guys are hard to come by, they are becoming increasingly rare. However in my particular case, I have dated my share of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guys…my experience doesn’t necessarily reflect on the ratio of good to bad guys out there in the world.

  9. While I consider myself a ‘good guy’, the fact that all my female friends consistently date absolute bastards and complain about them to ME, makes me wish I was a ‘bad guy’…

    I applaude the sentiment of your post – but you have to admit… bad guys have more fun 😦

  10. great post and remember there r woman ‘ players ‘ as well !!

  11. Women players? that’s a joke right? Give me a break, all those girls who fancy themselves ‘players’ are in reality the ones being played, they may talk big about not getting hurt and only being in it for the fun… or that old chestnut “I don’t care what other people think” but in reality they are scared shitless about being dumped and really do get upset when they hear negative stuff about them. If at all the only guys they ‘play’ are the ones who would probably make them happiest.

  12. Although I can see what you’re trying to bring across, I have to agree with santhoshi.

    Defining what makes a guy ‘good’ shouldn’t be about cramming it into a small, narrow box.

    We should stop trying to fine tune each other.
    Stop the ‘patting on the head’ or ‘smacking on the wrist’.

  13. You agree with Santhoshi?? FYI, she said “Really Good one..” Sweetie this is a BLOG – a small narrow box that we cram our words, thoughts and views into…on anything we want to… that’s the beauty of it, that’s the point!

  14. cramming into small narrow box, meaning your definition of a ‘good guy’, not the actual content of this post.

    my mistake, was referring to the person below, ‘me’

  15. how is this a narrow definition when it merely states that one should be honest, and respectful towards the woman that he claims to love. I think it is sad how being a player is so cool these days. It baffles me how so many of us have double standards when it comes to your sisters and mothers compared to any other female in the world.
    Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that different people enjoys different levels of sexual activity. Some are fetishists, some like group sex. This is all fine, as long as you find a partner who is like minded, and as long as you are comfortable with your woman getting up to the same dirty fun that you like to get into.

  16. just to avoid some smart ass making grammatical corrections….i see them…..and yes… is shameful……but i don’t know how to edit……oops.

  17. i had one question……i find that guys who seem to the most aggressively protective of their sisters are the filthiest buggers around. of course not every single one……but i think it’s something to think about.

  18. I suppose those guys know what they’re like and think all guys are like that and they don’t want someone to treat their sisters the way they treat other girls… Its weirdly hypocritical isn’t it? Oh well…

  19. Hey, you sound like things have been ‘screwed up’ recently… Hope they’re better now…

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