Facing Yourself through Others..

When I look back at the past 5 years of my life, I see unfortunate recurring patterns and I obviously attract these people/situations into my life which is a little sad for me to come to terms with. I can clearly see that I attract a specific type of immoral male personality into my life over and over again, a personality type that I have much disdain for but on some deeper level I believe I can relate to and sympathize with.

Have you heard that the people you attract into your life reflect you in someway? That they sometimes act as mirrors that put you face to face with your own issues or faults? I think some people you attract are the kind of people you want to be like or you want to see yourself as being like and others are who you really are like, even if you don’t want to see it.

I’m not sure if this realization should make me sad about how bad an opinion I must truly have of myself as a person or if I should see this as a very good thing which gives me the awareness to rectify the problem. A bit of both I guess. All issues one has with one’s self probably stem from childhood and suddenly mine seem pretty apparent to me.

I believe observing and analyzing recurring patterns in your life can lead to great realizations within one’s self. These situations/people that show up over and over again in your life, hold great lessons for you and they hold great potential for change and improvement… and they’ll keep showing up until you learn the lesson.


~ by Dilruha on July 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Facing Yourself through Others..”

  1. “I believe observing and analyzing recurring patterns in your life can lead to great realizations within one’s self.” – i agree wholeheartedly saffron. my, didnt i go through a rough patch last year, but learnt so much. I really feel older beyond my years even with old friends my own age.

  2. Its true in certain sense that we are mirrors for others, but i’ve never seen it in the perspective you’ve written..

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