My Top 10 TV Heart Throbs!

Only in order of appearance…

1. The gorgeous gardener from Desperate Housewives – John Rowland (Jesse Metcalfe)

2. Sexy bad boy from Beverly Hills 90210 – Dylan McKay (Luke Perry)

3. Heart throb housekeeper from Who’s the Boss – Tony Micelli (Tony Danza)

4. “Robin… the hooded man… dum dum…” – Robin of Sherwood (Michael Praed)

5. Sex and the City’s leading man & the man of my dreams Mr. Big aka John James Preston (Chris Noth)

6. I’d take ER’s Dr. Doug Ross over Mcdreamy any day! (George Clooney)

7. Taking the hot Plumber fantasy to new heights – Mike Delfino (James Denton, Desperate Housewives)

8. The bounty hunter with a body to die for in Renegade – Reno Raines (Lorenzo Lamas)

9. Dreamy eyed actor with his Entourage – Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier)

10. Oh so cute in Sunset Beach (as sad as that show was) Cole Deschanel (Eddie Cibrian)


~ by Dilruha on September 24, 2008.

One Response to “My Top 10 TV Heart Throbs!”

  1. I would add Jensen Ackles from Super natural and Wentworth miller from Prison Break..:)

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