Don’t be fooled…

All this pressure on women to look “beautiful” and “perfect” but do any of the even seemingly perfect ones feel beautiful? The ones who try the hardest to look perfect seem to be the unhappiest about their appearance… totally insatiable, never content, never comfortable with themselves. Most of the time this pressure does not even come from sources that are real or important to us… not from people who love us or matter to us, not from our friends, not from our husbands or wives and not even from who we really are! Most of the time its just the media playing on our vulnerable egos or false sense of self, so that companies can sell more products and services to make more money for themselves.

Listening and responding to your ego is inevitable I suppose while you are still very much under its influence and unaware of its power over you. Trying to satisfy the ego by catering to it is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline! You set yourself up for more discontentment and you perpetuate the cycle of trying harder and coming away feeling worse off or like less of yourself than you did before. As we strive to create a stable sense of who we are and our self worth through things that are as unstable and temporary as a passing wind, we become more disconnected and unfulfilled within ourselves. I now can’t imagine how making yourself look totally different but really ‘good’ for a few hours through a makeover like what you see in the pictures can make someone feel truly good about themselves. Its so temporary and you are lying to yourself, that cannot possibly make you feel good inside. Temporary fixes are for the ego, they are of no use to the true self and probably do more damage to you than good.

What we all really want, I would imagine, is to feel good inside, to be happy, to find peace within ourselves and in our daily lives while we do what we love to do. Being totally disconnected with our inner selves and being totally ruled by our egoic selves or our minds, is an unhealthy and damaging state to be in. Our minds are programmed by so many outside influences, past experiences and distorted perceptions that we shouldn’t be taking it to be who we really are and catering to its every whim. What you think is not who you areyou are the one who is able to observe your thoughts and know that at this very moment “I AM Thinking”! You are not your mind nor are you directly responsible for its thoughts while you are in a state of unconscious existence. Being aware of this opens the door to a new level of consciousness and a whole new way of life. If we are willing to see it, most things we go behind, want, strive and work towards are all things and situations we hope or think will make us happy or give us a greater sense of self. Looking outside for something that only can be found on the inside has become the story of our lives.

I cannot say that I am beyond my ego or that my ego doesn’t dictate my choices, actions or my thoughts, to a great extent, it still does. However I feel that awareness is the key to freedom. Don’t get too caught up in purely human constructs… be it the concept of physical beauty or anything else that wastes years of your life and leave you empty handed!


~ by Dilruha on October 12, 2008.

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