Marzipan Treats!

I am so excited about how well my first try at making Marzipan treats came out, I just had to document my success! My mom has been making Marzipan in the shape of strawberries (painted red and rolled in sugar with a clove for a stem) since I can remember and everyone has  always loved them. It’s sort of like her signature sweet so I’ve always felt like I should learn how to make them myself, so that someday I could make them in memory of her and carry on her legacy! ha ha! 🙂

Dark chocolate and Marzipan is a combination that is especially close to my taste buds so I set out to make my own version of a recipe I found on the net. I was determined to do everything from scratch and all by myself so I started when my mom went out on Wednesday afternoon. Actually, I started the day before, when for the first time ever I  made Chocolate Ganache. I used normal dark cooking Chocolate and added some After Eights to give the Ganache a minty flavour.. oh and I added a little Rum too! Ganache, as I discovered, is simple to make… it’s just Chocolate melted into thick cream. I needed to make it the day before so it would be thicker and easier to work with after a night in the fridge.

So the next day I started on the Marzipan and although it’s just powdered sugar and ground Almonds I managed to almost mess it up at the stage where you add egg white to bind the 2 ingredients together. I added too much egg white and the paste was a sticky mess! I had used up all the powdered sugar in the house and I was freaking out as my mom wasn’t there to help me. Luckily after a few minutes I realised my neighbour would have some and to my relief she gave me a big bottle full. I was back in business! I saved the Marzipan by adding more icing sugar and ground almonds and kneaded it till my hand was ready to break off.


With the Marzipan and Chocolate Ganache ready, it was now time to make my little treats. Originally, I wanted to scoop balls of Chocolate and cover them in Marzipan as per the recipe but that was not working out so I improvised and this is what I came up with… Marzipan cups filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache and topped with half an Almond or bits of Strawberry. I made some plain Marzipan balls rolled in sugar too. They all went into little paper cups and voila!


Not bad, I felt, for my first try! My mom was pretty impressed and that meant a lot to me. The pic above is of a few from my first batch. They taste great  (you’ll just have to take my word on that or come over to mine and try one!). The only thing I’d change is that I’d leave out the After Eights next time cos the minty flavour kind of overpowers the chocolate and I’d rather taste the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate with only a hint of rum. These next pics are of the ones I made today… I wanted to give some to my friends so I made little gift boxes for them! I’ll post a detailed recipe soon.  🙂 x



~ by Dilruha on December 5, 2008.

11 Responses to “Marzipan Treats!”

  1. woahh..these look amazing. I’d never be able to turn em out so nice! and NEAT

  2. oh and where did u get gorgese cupcake paper from?!

  3. Thanks DeeCee, the cupcake papers are from abroad, my mom has her stocks. The pretty coloured ones are hard to find here.

  4. aw aw AWWWWW …i want them !! gosh they look good. just last night my sister was showing me a baking book she had bought from Odel and there were these lovely stuff and ..and..sigh..i gotta go bug her to make do i make friends with u so that u will bake me these things? 😀

  5. WOW……!!! DROOOOOOOL……!!!

  6. Oh… yummmy…..! Any chance of one of those be-ribboned boxes making it my way?

  7. Hi! my MIL , a widely acknowledged expert on marzipan and”badam Jali” (which is essentially a cooked marzipan) is urging me not to try it at all. because her marzipan often gets oily?sticky/gooey and is impossible to roll out or form into shapes.Let me know if it has ever happened to you,and what cuses it. Most importantly, how i can avoid it:) any input will be much appreciated. ur marzipan looks firm and quite perfect!

    Thanx in advance

  8. The Marzipan I made is not the cooked stuff. It’s just a mixture of icing sugar and almonds (ground to a powder) combined using a little egg white. You can add some almond essence too. Basically its 1 part ground almonds to 2 parts icing sugar and then you have to add a bit of egg white and start mixing it up. You have to be very careful when judging how much egg white you need to add (which is tricky cos you only need VERY little) so that the Marzipan is not gooey and sticky. Once you get it to the right consistency, you can add food colouring to it and easily mold it into shapes. It’s really fun.. I’ll add some new pics to my flickr account of some new ones i made!

  9. Wow! I love the shots & the tiny cup cake papers uve got them in. =) From where I ask if u dont mind? =)

    • Thanks for your comment. The cupcake papers we get from abroad.. I doubt such colours are available here.

  10. Your presentation is beautiful – you figured out a way to use marzipan and chocolate ever so neatly. Great! I made the marzipan, now I’ll try a variation on your theme. Thanks.

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