It’s been a very significant year for me… a year of much change and growing up. Life changed… Great new things and realisations came my way… New people came into my life like never before… I saw myself create situations that I desired, I saw how IΒ  have the power to create my own reality. Even though I went through possibly one of the worst things that has ever happened to me, I can honestly say it may still have been my best year yet! I say this not only because of the many experiences I enjoyed throughout the year but mostly because, this year I came a little closer to being who I’ve always wanted to be and living the life of my dreams.

So let’s see. This year I…

started this blog and kept at it, which is a bigger achievement for me than having started it!

woke up one morning in March with my face half paralyzed and had to live with it for 3 months before it slowly started to recover. The left side of my face is probably 75% back to normal and although doctors have said it may not fully recover, I have a feeling it will.

realised that I am in fact the person I believed I was… got to actually be that person this year and develop my strengths more than ever before!

learned to value the inner reality of myself & life, its true freedom, power and goodness, much more than what I see on the outside in this world.

had my first interactive experience of God.

made many new friends who I actually value and am glad to have in my life.

watched two female friends, make two very big & brave life decisions which made me realise that marriage is never to be taken lightly.

accepted the fact that no matter how many years older I get and how many lessons I learn, I will always be a 5 year old underneath it all.. a really chirpy, happy one!

made fewer mistakes than in years before…

enjoyed more freedom!

did a few new things like Yoga, Oil painting, driving on my own, Acupuncture, making Marzipan… πŸ™‚

took more pictures, read some really inspiring books, watched some great movies and a lot of Oprah lol!

had some really good trips down south!

could not lose the unwanted weight! 😦

watched America elect a Black man as their President (I never thought I’d see the day) and Bombay being terrorized worse than in a movie!

was happy for my brother’s success.

started a company together with my family πŸ™‚

was happy to see my brother get engaged to a great girl who I love like a sister!

tried to be a better daughter to my folks.

dated just one new guy and although we had our moments, boy were we wrong for each other… (kinda sad)

learned to appreciate and see D for who he really is and what he really means to me…

had a lot of good times, a few bad times so all in all, a very special year indeed!

Thanks for tagging me DD… hope you have a good Christmas and New year!


~ by Dilruha on December 16, 2008.

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