After the fire…


It isn’t Love that is complicated, it isn’t Love that is hard. Love is simple and selfless, pure and unconditional… carried forward through lifetimes, true to its nature at all times. It is We who can’t get ourselves out of the way long enough to truly love and enjoy all its glory. It is a sad, sad story.

If you and I were blind to ourselves, unafraid of our fears and not slave to our selfish needs… wouldn’t Love have been victorious and wouldn’t that victory have been sweet? Our burdens would have been lighter and our days a lot brighter…

Even after the fire that burned through us both, even as we stand here amidst the charred remains, isn’t it amazing how our pure and simple love for each other still stands? Untouched, unharmed, forever true to itself. Denied so far by our own actions yet eternal in our hearts.


~ by Dilruha on February 14, 2009.

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