You Can Change The World…

A lot of people don’t bother to change themselves because they can’t see what difference that would make in the greater scheme of things… It’s the whole “what can I do? I’m only one person, I can’t change the world” mentality… Actually, if you think about it, all you can really change is yourself. You can’t change anything else or anyone else unless and until you change first. Also if everyone just stopped judging each other and blaming other people and simply worked on improving themselves – if EVERYONE did that – THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE! The situation of this planet is getting tougher everyday… I truly believe it’s happening so that us human beings are forced to change our ways, grow in a new way, advance and evolve as a species and stop living like disconnected, deluded zombies who almost seem to be under some kind of spell, salves to our egoic selves! We better snap out of it quick! People must realise this is the age of self realisation… it is time to stop looking outside for answers and start looking into ones true, inner self where all the power and answers lie.

Once you learn the truths within, you begin to realise how everyone’s thoughts and actions have an impact on the whole outer reality, how each person is a co-creator of reality as we know and see it, how much power each and every person holds within themselves, how this world made purely of energy actually works and how it responds to our thoughts and our energy…so on and lots more. I believe the greatest thing we finally realise is that this notion that each of us is soooo separate from each other, nature, the world and the Universe and God, is just an illusion that we suffer under because we can’t see the bigger picture thanks to our limited 5 senses with which we determine our reality. The ultimate realisation might just be our Oneness with all things and God. What if the Universe was just one big organism so to speak?  Just like a body with countless cells, tissues, organs, systems, functions, processes etc… What if God is the spirit and life giving force of the Universe in its entirety as well as in its many individual forms (being everything and in everything at the same time)? We would be comparable to a single cell, each with our own special characteristics and function, connected to and working together with every other cell for the greater good of the whole, all the while fulfilling our own purpose. When we try to differentiate and disassociate ourselves from everyone and everything else we’re not doing ourselves any favours in the micro or the macro sense of it all. Its an unnatural state to be in and we’re missing out on a much more harmonious and easier way of life. We’re all One thing… we’re all connected, we’re powerful individually but a thousand times more powerful collectively. The only way to change our dire macro circumstances is to change ourselves and then when we realise our true selves, potential and power we can change anything together.

Keep an open mind, ask questions, don’t limit yourself to any one thing or one way. Ask for answers and they will come to you, seek for the truth and you will find it right in front of you. What is the point of just talking about all the death, destruction and dire circumstances we now face in the world today? Either you sit and talk about it and feel helpless thinking its the ‘end of the world’ as predicted or you become a part of the SOLUTION, the process of change for the better. Live a more inspired, purposeful and powerful life. We have to now start taking the problems of our planet and our created reality seriously. Each one of us is the source of change – help the world just by being a better you!

Much love…… xoxo


~ by Dilruha on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “You Can Change The World…”

  1. Hard ask, but i agree too. x

  2. Very hard task to live up to on a daily basis… Almost makes one afraid to agree with you on this.

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