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homecoming decor for saffron copy

My brother recently got married and while the wedding was handled by the bride’s family, we made arrangements for the homecoming function which was to follow. I love working with flowers so I took it upon myself to take care of the decorations for the function (amongst a hundred other things!). Working closely with the fantastic florist Veena Perera, of Supreme Flora, who was totally on the same wavelength as me, we managed to put together something quite nice. Working with Veena was a breeze – she and I had similar taste and she loved my ideas, so I’d draw everything out in detail and she’d bring it to life. My mother contributed her ideas to create the couple’s sitting area which turned out really beautiful.

Keeping in mind that the bride was wearing red, we decided to use the colour as our general theme and soon decided to use red apples in a predominant fashion. A good friend of ours lent us the cabinet used behind the bench in the couple’s sitting area and while I was over at her house, I spotted some gorgeous, large, olive green pots that I instantly knew we could use somehow. She had 6 of these pots that she had brought down from Burma. We topped them with flowers and placed them at the entrance of the hall leading to the lamp and two on either side of the sitting area. The table centers featured tall glass vases filled with apples and an arrangement, consisting of a number of different flowers, folded leaves and berries, on top. The flowers used included red & orange roses, dark red waxy anthuriums, light green hydrangea, gerberas and daisies in hues of red and orange. The arrangement of the oil lamp was Veena’s design – in her own words, we were indeed lucky, that the large red lilies she had used in abundance were in bloom and available in such large quantities during that time.

The pictures really don’t seem to do justice to the beauty of the flowers Veena and her team arranged that day but it’s the best I can do to share it with you. I enjoyed designing the decor so much I’ve decided to take on such projects in the future as part of the design services I offer through Créatrice. As a designer, it’s so much more fun when you’re not limited to one area of design all the time. I hope to share better pictures with you as I receive them from the photographer.

decor collage


~ by Dilruha on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Decor Designs”

  1. Wow, that looks stunning.
    I love the idea of the apples inside those gorgeous vases.

    It looks so lush and romantic

  2. Everything looks looks really grand! Very creative. You are right, photos usually don’t do do justice in this sort of instance. It must have looked amazing in real life. Well done! One minor suggestion… you should invest in a better scanner :-p

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