The truth about Love…

It just occurred to me that there is a deeper truth to Love than what we see on the surface. What if the true reason to Love is hidden and lost in the midst of all things romantic? What if the lesson to be learned is at the point where you temporarily lose yourself in someone else and therein lies the real secret of Love?

What happens to us when we fall in love with someone? We start to care about that person over ourselves. At the height of which we lose ourselves in this other person… we think about them constantly, we care about them more than we do ourselves, we put them first… we are just so happily consumed by thoughts of them.

So during this time we experience a temporary detachment from our own egos or our so called ‘selves’.

My thought is that maybe Love frees us from this perpetually self-obsessed state of being that we are all trapped in and gives us a glimpse of how it feels to be free of that. The light, soaring, pleasurable and joyous feeling of Love may merely be the result of letting go of your own constant self-centered thoughts.

If you aren’t constantly worrying about yourself, your life, your problems, your next move etc. you are bound to be a lot happier and lighter. I’m thinking, the only time this constant self-obsessing stops is when you are more concerned about someone else or others.

So maybe to love is an opportunity to let go of yourself so as to be free of that confinement and that is actually why we so enjoy this feeling of being in love… and we yearn for it.

Maybe we just yearn to free ourselves from our self-obsession or our ‘egoic selves’ because the resulting feeling is so lovely and light…

All religions call us to Love one another… Love is somehow the answer to everything it seems but that doesn’t always make sense… unless, we are missing the point of Love! If Love is to be able to live from a selfless point of view, it really would be the answer to everything.

What I’m trying to say is Love is obviously something that is not as simple as to love another person… it is far from being just an emotion. It is more of a practice, (the practice of selflessness) that can free you… that is how it is the answer to all questions…

This to me seems to be the true meaning of this word ‘Love’.


~ by Dilruha on August 21, 2010.

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