The point of life in this world is to experience LIFE… life which is the force that flows through you and IS you… to feel the exhilaration of a new idea coming to fruition! To add to the expansion of life as a whole through your individual adventure. This is life’s only desire.. to experience itself more, in new ways, to create more and as a result BE more.

You ARE life which means you are a part of ALL life… You are SOURCE ENERGY, one with all. We come to this environment of contrasts (this world), bound by time and space, bodies and minds, so we can experience having preferences and conceive new ideas and have new desires. Life collects your experiences as information… infinite information. You are life in the form of a man adding to the expansion of yourself as a whole.

Don’t get too caught up in being the character you play in this world… this is not who you are. That character must die one day and that thought will cause you anxiety if you don’t realise that that character is not you. YOU do not die.. you cannot die cos YOU ARE LIFE! Knowledge of this is the gaining of eternal life. This is what the prophets came to tell you. They came to tell you that your true self is within you (your life force), underneath the surface of who you think you are (the personality you’ve created with thoughts and ideas of yourself). They came to tell you that searching for the truth sets you free from fear and sin (which is another word for ignorance) and gives you eternal life/salvation/enlightenment.

When you know this you are free. Free to enjoy life in this world for what it is. When you know this you become joyful, as you are more aligned with Source Energy which is pure Love and Joy… life becomes easier and more joyful. Even if “bad” things happen to you, you will not suffer like you used to. You don’t make decisions from the point of your flawed egoic self… instead you trust life and surrender to it and simply put forth your preferences in the form of thought and vibration and you receive accordingly.

to be continued…


~ by Dilruha on January 23, 2011.

One Response to “LIFE – I”

  1. U c dilruha. U have said more than Ekhart in these few lines. In budhism , the msg is fairly clear about the ‘ self created’ by us that causes all these sorrow. unfortunately it is not conveyed today so buddism has become a mandane, ritualistic practice for many. In the case of Bible, one needs to read in between the lines to grasp the meaning like when the jesus said ‘ deny the self’ ( as desscribed by Ekhart). So ultimately whether expressdly or impliedly said, it is up to individual to see through and in that context I admire your ability to think beyond.

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