Vintage jewellery display ideas…


My first ever post on this blog was about Jewellery and so I thought I’d start again with a post on the same subject… this time I want to share some ideas on how to store and display jewellery for easy access in a vintage style. Needless to say this is a post for the girls.. 😉


I love all things vintage…be it jewellery, painted boxes, antique glassware, pretty china and so on, and I found beautiful things at a lovely little shop called ‘Aspire’ you must visit if you like what you see ( The miniature tailor’s dummy was a lucky find in a charity shop I was walking past 🙂 I love it.. it’s so pretty!


Hope I’ve inspired you to make your dressing table a prettier place and make your jewellery look ‘n feel special!


~ by Dilruha on August 19, 2013.

One Response to “Vintage jewellery display ideas…”

  1. beautiful dill! Love the dummy. I had a similar bird jewellery stand like that, but alas couldn’t bring it back to colombo with me. sigh 😦

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