How old are you?

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After my last post relating to beauty, I couldn’t help but think of its worst enemy – time. Time may age your body but can it age you? I think you have a choice there…

Since I was a kid I was averse to the concept of age… I knew for myself that chronological age meant very little in terms of who I was. At times I was a lot older than my years and at other times I could be a lot younger! Even in school as a little girl, I happened to befriend lots of older girls and the age difference never really occurred to me. My best friend as a child (my neighbour) was also about 5 years older than me and we played together all the time and age was never an issue. I was very close to my maternal grandmother… she would have been in her fifties and sixties when I was growing up since she died at the age of 71 when I was 17. She was so carefree and her attitudes were so liberal, she never struck me in any way as old.  In fact she was more energetic, fearless and fun than most women who were a lot younger than her in age. My other grandmother, in stark contrast, truly did come across as old mostly because her attitudes and beliefs were totally old-fashioned and she had no sense of youth in her personality. Age is never the issue…  it is true that when the body ages and gets weak it takes its toll on the mind but never on the spirit.

I don’t see people for their age… many of my friends don’t  understand that about me… I see a person’s energy, their attitudes, their disposition, their goodness, their youthfulness or lack there of… I don’t see their age. I respect little kids… they’re not always silly or immature, they’re honest and their view of the world is untainted, unbiased and just truer! They are more in touch with their spirit and therefore can be quite wise in their simplistic thoughts and attitudes. I enjoy the company of anyone of any age so long as they are free in spirit, lively and fun or wise… age is not a factor. I have met some 50 year olds who were ‘younger‘ than some 35 year olds I know. In fact I know people a good 20 years older than I am who are a lot fitter and more active than me, people I would not be able to keep up with. We now know that our body age could vary up to 15 years this way or that from our chronological age according to our health and how well we take care of ourselves. So the 35 year old who abuses his body could in fact be older (bodily) than the 45 year old who takes care of himself! Then what’s the point of being able to say “I’m 35”?

So what is the big deal about age? What does it mean except the length of time you’ve been alive… actually if you think about it, it really only tells us how many times the earth revolved around the sun while you’ve been alive!!!!! Why do we discriminate or judge people by their chronological age when it is no representation of who they are or what they are capable of? To me, one’s body age is a much more useful figure to know and consider if at all. The truth is that who you are has nothing to do with age cos your spirit is essentially ageless! Time cannot touch you. Time is just a concept that makes day-to-day life practical and gives us a perspective on something our minds cannot otherwise comprehend. Doctors and scientists are discovering that we play a large part in the process of aging by way of how we think, eat, exercise and even where we live! The idea of age is becoming obsolete as people no longer look their age like they once used to, nor does it represent their capabilities so what use of it?

Some people are so obsessed with youth but they fear a number more than the reality of – the state of their body, their mind and the consequences of their lifestyle! To me this is insane. I have friends who think they are old cos they are close to turning 30… so basically 20 something year olds’ are telling themselves they are OLD! How very sad and unproductive this concept of ‘age‘ is!

Sometimes I think we are so caught up with age cos it’s yet another idea we can use to differentiate ourselves from another or use to segregate in to groups… “I’m in my 20’s and you’re in your 40’s so we’re totally different and because I’m younger I’m better than you are!” or “I’m in my 40’s and you’re still in your 20’s so I know much more than you do” or “We’re both in our 20’s so we  must be similar and we have this in common so we’re in the same group!” – Yeah but what else do you have in common????

Holding on to a concept like “age” is not very constructive in my view… it seems to causes segmentation in an already over segmented world.  If you are a lover of unity and oneness you would realise how useless age is to us as a concept. I feel there will be a move towards ‘agelessness‘ in the future and I look forward to it… but that is a whole other post! 🙂

ps: There are some great books like “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”  by Dr. Deepak Chopra if you are interested in learning more about your body and how to live free of the concept of age.


When men were beautiful…

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I have to say… there is nothing in this world I love more than the sight of a beautiful man… in fact, I’d love to have one of my own someday! 😉 lol!

Although somehow, I find the good-looking men of yesteryear so much more ‘beautiful‘ than those of today! Nowadays they are ‘hot‘… with amazingly chiseled features and ripped bodies but not just naturally and effortlessly beautiful like my favourite five from days gone by…. You can’t deny the classic beauty in these faces… Wish they’d make ’em like they used to!

– Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, Richard Gere, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando.


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The point of life in this world is to experience LIFE… life which is the force that flows through you and IS you… to feel the exhilaration of a new idea coming to fruition! To add to the expansion of life as a whole through your individual adventure. This is life’s only desire.. to experience itself more, in new ways, to create more and as a result BE more.

You ARE life which means you are a part of ALL life… You are SOURCE ENERGY, one with all. We come to this environment of contrasts (this world), bound by time and space, bodies and minds, so we can experience having preferences and conceive new ideas and have new desires. Life collects your experiences as information… infinite information. You are life in the form of a man adding to the expansion of yourself as a whole.

Don’t get too caught up in being the character you play in this world… this is not who you are. That character must die one day and that thought will cause you anxiety if you don’t realise that that character is not you. YOU do not die.. you cannot die cos YOU ARE LIFE! Knowledge of this is the gaining of eternal life. This is what the prophets came to tell you. They came to tell you that your true self is within you (your life force), underneath the surface of who you think you are (the personality you’ve created with thoughts and ideas of yourself). They came to tell you that searching for the truth sets you free from fear and sin (which is another word for ignorance) and gives you eternal life/salvation/enlightenment.

When you know this you are free. Free to enjoy life in this world for what it is. When you know this you become joyful, as you are more aligned with Source Energy which is pure Love and Joy… life becomes easier and more joyful. Even if “bad” things happen to you, you will not suffer like you used to. You don’t make decisions from the point of your flawed egoic self… instead you trust life and surrender to it and simply put forth your preferences in the form of thought and vibration and you receive accordingly.

to be continued…

Nothing Traps You Except if You Believe It

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Some thoughts…

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Without an environment of resistance, there would be no expansion. This is why we must struggle sometimes to experience something better in the future. As individuals and as a whole it is in our nature to want to be more, have more and experience more! The resistance life presents is essential… if not you would be completely satisfied and want nothing more and this would be the end of life. Life is to keep moving, to grow, to expand and experience more. Welcome the resistance… don’t begrudge it.. it is helping you be more.

This world is a place where we learn to discern through experiencing and observing… we see and feel the broad spectra of good and bad, happy and sad, love and war, wealth and poverty etc. – so we can choose what we prefer.. not just take what we are given. This is what we wanted to do.. to choose, to have an individual experience. If you were everything you would want to know what it is like to be just one thing. If you were very big you’d like to know what it is like to be small.The desire to experience itself in different ways is what fuels the Universe to create and be more – in my opinion. It is the desire of life.

If you think about it, ours is an amazing experience!

It is a gift to be here and be you… A ticket to a very real 3D ride for which you are given a suit or an avatar (your body) and you enter into this amazing place of possibilities (the physical world) where you are a limited version of your true self but can still be, do and have anything (within the constraints of this world) as well as create new things along the way. The experience is so real you get lost in your own individuality and physicality (lost in the game), you form attachments, begin to suffer under the misconception and lose sight of the fun and wonder of it all! If we understood this we would not fear death and we would not waste time on what we perceive as insurmountable problems. Nothing in this world is THAT IMPORTANT! It is a temporary state, an adventure, a trip… at the end nothing is lost. We are still everything that ever was, is and will be. We are not this individual character but the whole and we go back to being part of the whole when the ride ends.

Learning to Allow…

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“You are on your own in this and you like it this way. You came into this environment knowing that you would be an individual consciousness, that would have your individual preferences and that ANYTHING that you and your powerful individual consciousness identifies as your desire… Source energy will answer. You have the ability to let it in.. you must only learn to allow…”

The Brain in Love…

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learn about love….